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8 pocket-friendly places to eat in Ahmedabad around AnantU – Ankita Singh

(Tuesday August 7, 2018)

Moving to a new city is an overwhelming experience. It brings along the thrill of starting something new, and also the responsibility of living independently. Managing your finances well and acing the art of small savings become your life’s most important virtues. Have a look at our pocket-friendly places to eat in Ahmedabad around AnantU campus. …

8 Tips for college success – Roshini Nair

(Monday July 23, 2018)

You’ve applied, you’ve been accepted, you’re enrolled.  What now? Here are 8 tips for college success. You are about to embark on an exciting journey.  The first few days at campus can be challenging, exciting, confusing, and intimidating.  There will be new faces, new surroundings, new rules, new independence, and new responsibilities.  For most people, …

The need to collaborate – Archit Thapar, Anant Fellow

(Saturday March 24, 2018)

When a woman and man collaborate, they create new life. However, this spirit of collaboration hasn’t really become a core value for organisations and government alike. During my undergraduate experience, competition was rewarded whereas collaboration was considered as ‘cheating’. But after having spent just a few months in the Anant Fellowship, I realised how this …

Analysis of The Unreserved – Film Club @ AnantU

(Wednesday March 21, 2018)

On 13th March, 2018, the Film Club @ AnantU, in collaboration with the Nomad Cafe, Ahmedabad, had organised a community screening of the Indian documentary, the Unreserved (2017). Based on the screening and the discussions that followed, Dr. Sonam Mansukhani, faculty at AnantU, curated unerring analyses and appreciation pointers on the documentary. Synopsis The Unreserved …

Urban planning crisis in India

(Wednesday February 14, 2018)

Recent years have seen a spate of urban disasters in India, leading to a severe urban planning crisis. Cyclones, heavy rains and unseasonal floods wrecking large scale damage to cities, hazardous pollution levels choking them up, and potholed roads resulting in accidents and death of citizens.   These urban disasters did not take shape overnight, …

The Relevance of Master’s in Integrated Product Design

(Monday January 15, 2018)

Universities across the world offer Master’s in Product Design, Product Design Engineering, Industrial Design and Strategic Product Design among others. The curriculum mostly in all areas focuses on technical details dealing with different steps, processes and activities involved in creating new products, for example, conceptual skills, manufacturing, prototyping and even marketing. In other words it …