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Tips on writing a good resume

(Wednesday March 13, 2019)

A resume is essentially a brief summary of your experiences, skills, accomplishments, and initiatives relevant to the programme you are applying for. It is an important criterion for admission to the Master’s programme at Anant National University. For students with zero or minimal full-time work experience, the resume should not exceed one page, and for …

Tips on Letters of Recommendation

(Wednesday March 13, 2019)

Anant National University carries out a holistic admission process wherein it seeks to evaluate the applicant’s idiosyncrasies, strengths, and competencies relevant to the programme they have applied for. To understand the applicant’s professional journey better, the university encourages submission of two recommendation letters, preferably from their immediate supervisors or mentors. Your employers should ideally answer …

Tips for Telephonic Interview

(Wednesday March 6, 2019)

If the programme you have opted for at Anant National University requires you to clear the telephonic interview round, it is recommended you read this article thoroughly and prepare accordingly. Contrary to what most applicants presume, the telephonic interview is not intended to test your theoretical knowledge on the subject or the lack thereof. It …

How to prepare for AnantU’s Design Entrance Test – Part 2

(Wednesday January 23, 2019)

With the AnantU Design Entrance Test just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the preparations. The test will check your competencies in creativity, imagination, visualisation skills, and general awareness. Here are some quick tips to help you clear the entrance test with flying colours: 1. Observe everything around you The first lesson for …

How to prepare for AnantU’s Design Entrance Test – Part 1

(Wednesday January 23, 2019)

Written by Chaitali Sheth, Vice Principal, School of Design A designer has the capacity to envision dreams and the ability to realize them. To fulfil the desire of a passionate individual giving birth to and nurturing such dreams, AnantU provides an international, interdisciplinary, and industry relevant platform to concretize the same. In sync with its …

Design – A socio-psychological approach

(Thursday January 17, 2019)

Written by Dr. Sonam Mansukhani, Associate Professor, Anant National University My instant reaction to the term ‘Design’ is aesthetics, intricacies, creativity, technicalities and perhaps, all those areas which have nothing to do with my expertise. As a ‘people-centric’ professional, someone who has always worked and dabbled with humans, I take cognizance of the fact that …