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Our Philosophy


We believe that the Built Environment both substantially draws from as well as defines the contours of a nation – from its history, topography, culture, ecology, and aesthetic, to the lifestyle, social structures, productivity, and well-being of its citizens. At the same time, the pace of global problems necessitates that we think, experiment, learn, invent, and use technological advancements to come up with solutions that can significantly improve the lives of people and the health of our planet.

Our philosophy, therefore, is to ensure that you stay abreast of and draw from global best practices and processes and deploy them in the uniquely Indian scenario, to search for enriching possibilities that have a lasting impact.

Drawing from this philosophical belief, the ANU pedagogy champions the revolutionization of current practices and processes so that you, as future practitioners in the field, are encouraged to view the entire continuum and not import ideas lock stock and barrel which address only a small element of the problem, if at all.

Stemming from the knowledge that students are a direct reflection of the enthusiasm, experience, skills and teaching imparted by the faculty and their peers, a rich discourse is encouraged through classroom discussions, field visits, studios, and through radical experiments that play a crucial role in influencing and shaping minds on both sides of the ongoing informed debate.

Practising professionals and renowned academics from diverse fields are invited to present their experiences and interact with the ANU Community through lectures, workshops, and Studio-sessions. These formal and informal interactions form an essential part of the learning and help imbibe state-of-the-art education and best practices.