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Reputed Faculty and Inspirational Mentors

Some of the world's best educators, scholars, and thinkers will guide, push, inspire, and encourage you to extract principles from experience and excel in your professional responsibilities. They will expose you to macro and micro perspectives, and the capacity to make scrupulous judgements so that you can uplift the standard of our Built Environment.

  • Seema Anand and Prashant Dhawan

    Seema Anand and Prashant Dhawan

  • Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence

    Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence

  • Shimul Javeri Kadri

    Shimul Javeri Kadri

  • Dr. O P Agarwal

    Dr. O P Agarwal

  • Aparna Piramal Raje

    Aparna Piramal Raje

  • Dr. Bimal Patel

    Dr. Bimal Patel

  • Dr. Steffen Lehmann

    Dr. Steffen Lehmann

  • Rahul Mehrotra

    Rahul Mehrotra

  • Rodolphe el-Khoury

    Rodolphe el-Khoury

  • Vikram Lall

    Vikram Lall

  • Dr. Amareswar Galla

    Dr. Amareswar Galla

  • Amit Gulati

    Amit Gulati

  • Sonal Shah

    Sonal Shah

  • Priyamwada Singh

    Priyamwada Singh

  • Michel Danino

    Michel Danino

  • Aaron David Mendonca

    Aaron David Mendonca

  • Indira Parikh

    Indira Parikh

  • Preeti Singh

    Preeti Singh

  • Shreyasi Singh

    Shreyasi Singh

  • Ashok Malhotra

    Ashok Malhotra