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Bachelor of Planning

Planning requires a strong skill set of problem-solving, change-making and leadership.

World over, there is a challenge of balancing increasing demand and growing financial prosperity with depleting natural resources. Rapid urbanization has brought with it an urgent need for urban planning that takes into account the greater concerns for the environment and its inhabitants. In India too, the government’s initiatives in the urban planning domain like Smart Cities, Swachh Bharat, Model Villages, etc., are all aimed at sustainable and planned development. The impact of burgeoning population, traffic congestion, climate change, increasing social inequality and safety issues has provided the opportunity to reimagine India. The School of Planning provides the analytical skills and knowledge required for sustainable planning using state-of-the-art technologies and design innovations.

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Planning is a four-year programme which trains students in the art of town planning, its principles and techniques. Students are trained to plan and design infrastructure that could have an impact on society, taking into account the intended function, aesthetics, economics and sustainability of their proposals. The course includes instruction in basic sciences, mathematics, computing techniques, along with fundamental engineering principles of construction materials. Students are exposed to real-life projects and interact and learn from leading professionals the nuances of micro planning and statutory planning.

A partial list of course offerings include:


1. Evolution of Urban Planning
2. Planning Legislation
3. Urban & Rural Governance
4. Social & Environmental Impact Assessment
5. Fundamentals of Traffic & Transportation
6. Infrastructure Planning


1. Urban Equity in Development
2. Metropolitan Planning, Development & Management
3. Housing the Urban Poor