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Bachelor of Design (Interior)

Bachelor of Design (Interior)


School of Design


Design is not only conceptualising something, it is also making it happen. Interior designspans the spectrum from private houses to office towers, and from retail stores and exhibitions to industrial buildings. It injects life into built environment and servesas an interface between the physical environment and its occupants.
Anant National University offers Bachelor of Interior Design that combines design concepts with practical application to produce high calibre Interior designers. Students explore both traditional and international design approaches and critically evaluate their applicability in the modern and contemporary local context. In the process, they gain in-depth understanding of design analysis, space planning, aesthetics and new materials, and their application in designing state-of-the-art interiors addressing the present and future challenges.

Programme Structure


The Bachelor of Design (Interior) is a four-year programme. The programme is built on rigorous pedagogy that combines theory with design studio, exhibitions, seminars, visual studies, history, technology, and professional practice. It engages students to explore new and emerging concepts of contemporary interior spaces, along with those rooted in history and culture. The first year of the programme lays the foundation for Interior Design. In the second and third year, the focus is on Design project, Digital applications, and Services such as kitchen, bathroom, water and energy. In the fourth year, the entire focus is on practical training and a live project.
Apartial list of courseofferings include:

1. Design Drawing
2. Design Fundamentals
3. Geometry & Technical Drawings
4. Location Photography
5. Model making
6. Ergonomics
7. 3D Digital Applications
8. Material and Construction
9. Furniture Design